Call the Thompson family on (03) 5348 4878 if you would like reassurance about what to do at any stage.

If someone dies at home and the death is expected
You will need to have the death verified, so call your medical professional. You may want the person to be brought to our funeral home immediately or you may want the person to stay with you for some time. If you are alone and would like us to wait with you until family members arrive, just let us know.

When you are ready, you can choose whether you would like to meet with us in your home or at our funeral home. We will then guide you as you make the funeral arrangements.

If someone dies in hospital
If the death is expected, the nursing staff will organise the necessary paperwork. We can then bring the person back to our Funeral Home when you are ready. Let us know when you are ready to begin making funeral arrangements.

If someone’s death is unexpected
If the death was not expected or was caused in an accident, the person will be transferred to the State Coroner’s Office. Although the funeral will not be immediate, it can be helpful if we meet and start to plan the funeral.